Special Projects

We’re so very thankful to be at a point in our deputation and fund raising where we get to think through all the set-up costs for our arrival in Thailand. God has blessed and provided in so many ways already. He has provided over half of our monthly support base, and now we are raising funds for the special projects below. You’ll see that the first two items have already been provided for! Praise the Lord! We have been personally saving and have had donors contribute. If you would like to contribute please mail the check to PO Box 191 Springfield MO 65801, or click the link below. Please designate “special projects” in the memo. Thank you so very much for your generosity and prayers!

Plane Tickets

Bangkok, Thailand is almost 9,000 miles from our home of Springfield, Missouri. A plane ride is over 24 hours of flight time alone. We are so very thankful that through very generous means the Lord has already provided funds for our plane tickets!!


Shipping Cost

There are many costs associated with packing up an moving to a different city or state. There are a lot more costs associated with packing up everything you own and moving to a different country. The Lord has provided funds to buy the necessary crates to store our things as well as the shipping cost to get them on the plane to Thailand. We’re praising the Lord for the generosity of friends and family in Christ.


Language School

In order to best communicate the gospel to the Thai people we must be able to speak their heart language; Thai. To accomplish this we will be attending language school when we arrive in country. After we have completed the necessary courses, by God’s grace, we will be able to read, write and speak the Thai language. We are so thankful that the Lord has already provided funds for us to attend language school, and praying that He will help us as we study diligently.


Government Fees/Housing Setup

Many of you gave to this special project and will be helping us gain access to the country of Thailand. As foreigners, we are required to obtain government issued documents that allow us to live and work in Thailand. This category of funds also will go to setting up a home in Bangkok, just as we would if we lived in the United States. We have reached our goal by God’s grace in this category!



Transportation is a vital tool in the ministry God has called us to in Bangkok, Thailand. If you give to this project, you will be investing in our ability to travel around the city as we perform daily tasks as well as minister to the Thai people.

Cost: $15,000

Raised: $7,000